Two veggos in Europe: Portugese pastries

My boy and I have been travelling Europe for the past 3 weeks, and while it has been a bit of a struggle being vegetarian we have eaten some fabuous food! First stop was Lisbon, Portugal and although it really wasn’t veg friendly we found a great little veggo buffet Oriente Chiado. The Portugese also make the best pastries in the world.

Wow… Pastel de Belém are delicious! If you are ever in Lisbon, catch the bus or tram to Belem and go to a shop called Pasteis de Belem – you will know which one it is from the huge line!

Apparently they have a secret recipe that only 3 people in the world know. Whatever it is it is amazing, I have never eaten a tastier thing in my life. Get them take away (make sure you get at least two per person haha) and go sit in the shade in the park across the street. Dining within view of the monastery while still a bit away from the other tourists makes it even more special.

We highly recommend staying in Living Lounge hostel, it was so nice and the (optional) dinner was super cheap and excellent – the chef made veggo especially for us!

More veg food around Europe to come…


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