Recycled wrappings

Although I love Christmas, I can’t stand how much waste is generated on that day alone.   All the wrapping, cards, left over food and junky presents usually end up in the bin… so this year, I found a way to re-use a couple things.

I have been looking for some kind of ‘craft organizer’, much like a container that has compartments for different beads, sequins or whatever else it is that I may be storing for some kind of project in the future.  I was using a plastic bag, which, as you can imagine was completely out of hand and unorganised.   After getting over the excitement of my Christmas present, a new GHD, I realised that the box would be an ideal size, plus it was way too cute to throw away.  Then, on boxing day, while finishing off a box of ferrero rochers, I thought that the container would be ideal to compartmentalise my new craft box.  Now I just have to work on not messing it up!

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  1. A

    Thats such an awesome idea! I usually buy plastic containers but this is a much cooler idea.

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