DIY inspiration: embellished tights

Why is it that in Summer we dream about winter clothes, tights scarves and layering, and in winter we are lusting for swimmers, shorts and flowing dresses?  I am blaming all the fabulous bloggers from the Northern hemisphere… but luckily, it also means that I have some inspiration and time to copy some DIY ideas before the cold weather hits (if you can ever really call Brisbane cold that is).

The latest DIY, posted by Park and Cube is for some gorgeous embellished tights.  I love that her inspiration was a photograph of the sea and sky, which is reflected beautifully by the bleach marks on the original dusky blue colour.

I then searched for other versions of embellished tights, and for the second time this week I came across the fantastic blog of Cocorosa.  She posted her tights a long while back, but I can’t believe it has taken until now to find her, I have only just started following but I would honestly put it up there with my favourite blogs.  The tights she made are so romantic and the thickness would be perfect for our winter.

Sophia from Phosphene fashion has also made some beautiful tights, and has an absolutely inspiring blog!  She has posted so many DIY tutorials and they are all of the highest quality.  Lusting after a pair of studded shoes like those from her latest post!  Both she and Cocorosa have even done give-aways of their DIYs, after they have spent so much time and effort crafting.  Great to see some girls who are so generous to their readers, as well as being beautiful and creative!

Now I just have to find some tights that won’t run and get embellishing… Either way, it has been a great success, discovering two blogs that are such a joy to follow.

Photos from: Park and Cube, Cocorosa & Phosphene fashion



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2 responses to “DIY inspiration: embellished tights

  1. these are such great ideas

  2. wideawakethoughts

    hello lovely one!

    ooh very cool, i wish i had the patience to DIY.

    i share your frusturation about Northern Hemisphere bloggers, they make me long for cooler months and blustery days. that said, it’s so nice to come across some Australian sunshine on local blogs – like yours!

    i hope you had an awesome time at Big Day Out – so jealous i didn’t make it there.

    x jessy

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