The best muesli ever

Lazy sunday afternoon and the smell of honey and roasting nuts is wafting from the oven. Homemade muesli is one of my favourite things to make, and is in a different category to that available in the supermarket.

It really depends on your personal taste what you put in muesli. Mine is based on rolled oats with plenty coconut and a variety of nuts.


For extra nutrition I add linseed meal (full of omega 3s) and quinoa flakes (a great source of protein for our veggo diet).

I really don’t measure any ingredients, just start with the oats and coconut.

Then I keep adding chopped nuts: almonds, pecans and macadamia nuts in this case (the more nuts the better!), then the other dry ingredients until I’m satisfied with the ratios.

I mix 50:50 honey and extra virgin olive oil, heat in the microwave and drizzle over the oat mixture, stirring until moistened.

The muesli mixture then goes into the oven at about 180 degrees and needs to be mixed intermittently to get it evenly browned.

After removing the toasted muesli from the oven, I try to wait patiently for it to cool before adding dried fruit (I prefer apricots and sultanas but also love adding dried cranberries to the mix).

A bit of Greek yoghurt and fresh fruit topping this toasted muesli is my ideal breakfast. For something a bit naughtier, I sometimes sneak a bit of icecream with muesli on top! Yum!

ready to eat

All photos from: my camera



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4 responses to “The best muesli ever

  1. Dad

    Hang on a second…that recipe looks very very familiar to me. In fact, I think you just might be infringing some patent or copyright or parental agreement or something by divulging it to the world without even acknowledgin the soruce.

    You’ll be hearing from my lawyer.

    Next: find a lawyer.

    • haha very funny dad! I’ve been making this forever… But I suppose the idea did have to come from somewhere so yes: everyone, my dad also makes the best muesli in the world! I may or may not have gotten the idea from him 🙂 I think this requires a ‘muesli-off’ to see who really makes it the best! haha

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