DIY shoulders: final product

Just realised that I forgot to post the final product of my DIY shoulder embellishments that I mentioned months ago.

For the base I used a stiff flyscreen kind of material that I got for about 10 cents from reverse garbage in west end.  It is such a fantastic place to pick up odds and ends but whenever I go in I just seem to lack creativity.

The frills are made from black and silver/grey ribbon hand sewn directly on to the fly screen. I’m sure there would be a better way to make frills but I have a serious lack of sewing expertise. The studs came from and I’ve been looking for a way to use them for ages.

Worn on a black plain singlet (cotton on) to a festival a few months back, and got plenty of compliments (even one from thecobrasnake himself).

Ended up loving the final product but I feel a bit limited for ways to wear them without looking the same every time. Looking forward to winter so I can pin them on blazers for a different look.  Any other suggestions?

Next project: shoulder embellishments in cream/white… Now just to find the time.

Photo by: Kris B


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