Apt 6

Last weekend we had some downtime, and felt like a dose of culture, so upon a friend’s recommendation, we headed to the Gallery of Modern Art, to check out the current exhibition, the Asia Pacific Triennial 6.

The first thing that struck me as we entered the gallery was a huge, wall sized painting.  Skulls are always so intriguing for some bizzare reason.

As I was wandering around, I couldn’t help but notice the similarities between some of the pieces and things from the fashion world.

Christopher Kane, Resort 2010, style.com

Lady Gaga on the cover of Rolling Stone (She wore a similar bubble costume when we saw her perform)

Our favourite piece was this deer in a room that was blindingly bright, which I needed to look at from every angle…up close… far away…from below…  and watch other people’s reactions to it.  I was just unable to capture how amazing it was on my camera.  The bubbles were made of some kind of glass, and gave an inverted view of anyone who was standing on the other side.

Another close favourite was an interactive piece.  We removed our shoes and walked into another bright room, filled with hanging strings that almost looked like clouds.

Walking through it was a crazy experience, being blinded when your face hits the strings, and totally disoriented.  I found the boy in there somehow and we had a laugh and hilarious photoshoot, before being kicked out of the gallery because it was closing time.

Photos from: my camera

Images from:style.comRolling Stone



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2 responses to “Apt 6

  1. The deer was definitely my favorite, that and the willow in the fog…

    Madeleine Louise

  2. yes I could have stared at that deer for hours – imagine a piece like that in your house! amazing

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