Birthday love

So I turn 25 today, the first quarter of my life is over (and yes I do plan to live to 100). Looking forward to a crazy week of celebration dinners, packing up my life, going to Bali, attending the wedding of our good friends and moving house to the inner city.

It’s a very exciting time and I am so pumped for the next chapter of life. Had a lovely picnic with my family yesterday and have had so much love from everyone! I love birthdays (although I may continue turning 25 every year from here on in).

I was talking to a friend who has also just turned 25, and found it funny that we have both just had this sudden feeling that we are old! Although we sometimes act like it, we’re just not 18 anymore!

But hey… 25 is the new 18 right?

Photo from: my camera


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  1. only 25? you’re a baby…..i am almost 40 and i still feel like 22 on the inside 🙂

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