My new toy

Although my birthday passed by over a month ago, we were so caught up going to Bali, moving house and studying for Gamsat that I never actually got my birthday present.

Last Sunday we had recovered (mostly) from Gamsat so ventured out to pick up some much needed items for our unit. First we knew we desperately needed a new fridge, as the four of us had been squeezing our food into the smallest fridge known to man. While at the Good Guys (yes they do slash the prices if you pay cash, and they will sing the song if you ask), the boy got my birthday present aswell – a new food processor! Maybe I am getting older or just becoming domesticated but I was mega excited about it, and have used it every day since.

First up was banana smoothies, and the boys were already enjoying my birthday present! Next I made a few batches of veggie burgers for healthy lunches, and experimented with my new chopping power. Amazing!

I have literally used this thing at least once a day, wherever possible even if the job would be done just as easily using a knife.

The other night I picked some herbs from our rapidly expanding balcony herb garden (italian parsley, rosemary, oregano, thyme and basil), threw in a few cloves of garlic and made some garlic and herb butter to store inthe freezer, ready for an easy garlic bread or to start off a pasta – thanks to Jamie Oliver for the idea!

This morning i used the grater attachment and made hash browns – the perfect solution to the copious amounts of alcohol consumed last night.

Looking forward to giving some blended cocktails a try – our herb garden is overflowing with mint!

Photos from: my camera


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  1. I havnt had any time to read at all lately so today i decided to do a major reading season of dragon tattoo and am nnow half way through and loving it! Don’t give anything away =)
    I also can’t wait to see the movie, it got good stars on the movie show but only 6/10 in the newspaper (why?)

    I am loving your blog. My fav posts are the ones about food processors. i get excited with new stuff too.


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