Katut… the best cabbie ever

In Bali one of the things that you notice is the ridiculous number of taxis. Trying to get a taxi in Brisbane on a busy night is near impossible, yet when you are walking down the street in Bali you are constantly beeped at and taxis pull over for you, even if you are clearly walking with a moped helmet in hand or don’t look interested in the slightest.

The price of taxis is so variable, depending on if you are in a reputable taxi, if they go by the meter (always the best) or if they say ‘pay how much you think’. A majority of our cabs worked out to be around the $2 mark, which is far less than the minimum charge in Australia, even if you only go a few hundred meters.

After a few drinks, we were heading out to meet friends, and flagged down a taxi. The driver was nice enough to wait for our friend who was lagging behind, and squeeze too many people into the cab, and introduced himself as Katut. We were in a cheery mood, and started a chant of ‘ba-li, ba-li, ba-li’ to which Katut responded ‘gold-coast, gold-coast’.

He quickly took one of the boys up on the offer of some Balinese ciggies and a Bintang, and thankfully we made it to where we needed to go safely.

One of the girls was out shopping a few days later, and heard a cab beeping at her. As she wasn’t ready to head home she shook her head but the cab pulled over and out jumped Katut! He remembered her and said he would wait until she was finished shopping and drop her off home. He followed her along for about half an hour – what a funny guy.

Photos from: my camera


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