Packages from wonderland

Was very excited to arrive home to some parcels from ebay. For some reason it is much more satisfying to receive something in the mail than to go and purchase it from a store.

Wanted to wear both out the other night with my boy to eat pizza and watch Alice in Wonderland – but unfortunately I couldn’t pass the sunnies off as 3D glasses.

I did manage to wear the socks though with my favourite, yet most uncomfortable, pair of heels- unfortunately no photos though.  Lusting after sturdy wedges and booties that will look awesome without putting me in too much pain!  Will be on the lookout for some in Melbourne next week.

Loved Alice in Wonderland, it was as weird and wonderful as I was expecting – but the weirdest part (not in a good way) was Anne Hathaway. I just didn’t get her character and she acted like a teenager in a school play.

I hope your easter is full of good times, too much chocolate and fabulous company!



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3 responses to “Packages from wonderland

  1. Em

    oooooh you’ll have to send me a link to these wang look a like sunnies, i’d love a pair!


    from spindizzyfall

  2. Really about Alice? I was a little disappointed (particularly by the dance at the end), and loved Anne Hathaway in it! I think she totally did justice to the airy, dreamlike, butter-wouldn’t-melt queen! Have fun in Melbs.

    • yeah the dance at the end was pretty stupid – but I suppose I had already heard that people were disappointed so I didn’t go in with the highest expectations. Ahh have to disagree about hathaway – would never have cast her for that role and I found the acting overdone and awkward. loved johnny though but of course we already know that he plays those crazy roles a little too well. haha thanks love will do – also planning a sydney trip soon so we’ll have to catch up!

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