A whole century old

Despite the super long Easter weekend, I am really looking forward to Friday when I jet-set down to Melbourne, to celebrate my great-nana’s 100th birthday. It should be a crazy couple of days with plenty of catch ups with family and, of course, too much food and wine. I will definitely be staying away from chocolate – so sick of it even though I have only eaten Lindor balls, and they are the best chocolate in the entire world!

Amongst all the celebrations and plans with family and friends, I hope to get the chance to do some shopping, and have a little list of items that I need before the start of winter.

1. At least one pair of chunky comfortable shoes that are dressy enough to wear out but won’t hurt my feet.

Jak and Jil

You + Eye

Ok… so all of these are probably mega uncomfortable but that doesn’t stop me from dreaming.


2. Some flat shoes for more casual – lusting after desert boots but would also love some loafers or oxfords

Hoy fashion

Jak and Jil

3. A striped shirt – totally forgot to bid on the one spindizzyfall had on ebay on easter sunday. Loved it – but I guess I’m gonna have to search for my own.

4. A couple pairs of trousers, that can be dressed up or down, and rolled up to wear with either #1 or #2

Hoy fashion

5. Stockings, tights, socks – to wear with #1 and #2

6. A jacket of some kind – so sick of the ones I have, and really don’t have anything warm enough for the nights it actually gets cold.

Unfortunately I got a speeding fine the other day, which limits the shopping a little (ouch) but if I can get some shoes at a bare minimum I will be happy. Oops- better call Tiger and up my baggage limit for the way back!

Anyone got any tips for Melbourne shopping?  Don’t have heaps of time and would love to hit some op shops or shops we don’t have in Brisbane.

Photos from:

Jak and Jil, You + Eye, Hoy fashion & Fashiontoast



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3 responses to “A whole century old

  1. Oh yay thanks for the mention!

    Totally agree, I want a good pair of wedges, loafers and trousers!
    Ah the trousers are driving me crazy I can’t find a good pair!!!!

    Love all the pictures you posted


  2. Chapel Street – the fashion capital of the known world. Also where I bought my muscles.

  3. thanks so much for the comment babe. you should definitely do a list, add in the salsa lessons and bungee jumping!

    helen xx

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