Waiting for the tram

Op shop success… I love Melbourne.

Photo from: my iPhone



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4 responses to “Waiting for the tram

  1. Damn, I’m jealous on so many levels that you scored those at an opshop! I suppose I’ve had a few good finds myself though.

    Thanks too for the awesome travel tips, I will be taking many to heart. I’m only going for a week before I head south but I’m sure it won’t be my first visit. Ahhh you’ve got me all excited now about the markets, Brick Lane, Primrose Hill, Greenwhich… thank so much, I really do appreciate it!

    x Z

  2. thanks for your tips!
    I guess I will have to plan myself a trip to melbs very soon!
    your brogues are perfect! What a great find!


  3. I would love some tips on the best stores, I am bit of a novice when it comes to Brisbane.
    All those one way streets gives me bit of a heachache =)


  4. ahhh thank you SO much for all that info.
    I will definitly be heading up that way either this weekend or the next. I will be on a mission!
    that website is very handy also.. I shall keep you updated on my finds… if I find anything!!

    thanks again!


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