100 years

After spending some time with my Nana Rose over the weekend, it really is hard to believe that she has been alive since 1910. She still has a wicked sense of humour, a love of baileys and a brutal honesty that never fails to make me smile. It was amazing to get to spend some precious moments with her and to celebrate her 100th birthday with the whole family, as much as she hated being the centre of attention.

I love this photo that was included in a slideshow at the birthday celebrations.  The couple on the right are Nana Rose and her husband, Pa Harry, and I think she looks like she has always had the same attitude about life, she will never let anything bother her.

As a follower of The Sartorialist I have been admiring all the vintage photos that have recently been posted, and on the weekend had a ball digging through old photo albums at my Nana Bunty’s place.

I love how happy Nana Bunty and Pa look in this photo, which was taken on New Years Eve, apparently sometime in the 60s. Nana said that she remembers that she was sick, but it definitely doesn’t show.

Another favourite of mine is this one of my Pa, uncle Keith and one of their friends, all of whom are no longer with us. Nana said that this was on a camping trip when they were very young, and when the guys went for a swim they took their pants off and held them above the water for the girls to see. She also told me that her father came out to the campsite to check that they hadn’t been sleeping in the same tent. How times have changed!

Had a fantastic time in Melbourne with my wonderful yet crazy family, and most special of them all, Nana Rose.

Vintage photos from: my Nana’s album

Modern photos from: my camera



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3 responses to “100 years

  1. Dad

    It was great wasn’t it? And you and your brother received nothing but praise from everyone for everything from your sense of humour to your good looks and you willingness to help out. You are a wonderful woman Jasmine Davis.

  2. Gosh you look alot like your grandma did when she was a younger beauty

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