I have a weird child-like infatuation with dandelions. I just can’t walk past one without picking it, admiring it for a little while and eventually blowing all the seeds off into the sky.

It doesn’t matter how many times my mum reminds me that dandelions are weeds and I am helping to spread them across well manicured lawns, or how many times I look at the ugly yellow flowers and wonder how they turn into something so amazing.

So difficult to hold a dandelion, take a photo and blow at the same time… I totally need an assistant! haha.

Looking at these photos got me thinking that a massive dandelion wall decal would look great in our room (we are renting so can’t even put a nail in the wall). Here are some gorgeous ones I found on etsy.

1. ebaygiftshop 2. leenthegraphicsqueen

3. stickerbrand 4. janeymacpress

Hmmm now to consult the boy and decide which will look best on our wall.

photos from: my camera

decal images from etsy

Edit: until I was shutting down my computer I totally forgot this was my work computer background.


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