Vietnamese at home

The boy and I usually can’t resist an invite to go out to dinner, but last week when our housemate invited us out we just wanted to stay in. They were going to their  favourite Vietnamese place in West End, which gave us a craving for rice paper rolls and made me realise that I had all the ingredients sitting right there in the pantry.

With the help of the ‘julienne’ blade on my food processor, getting the fillings ready was a dream, but unfortunately our poor little coriander isn’t doing too well, so we went a bit sparingly on the vietnamese flavour.

Although they may not have been as pretty, we made our own delicious rice paper rolls and were tucked up in bed by the time the boys got home.

A bit of sweet chilli sauce and a home-made satay added to the perfect light dinner.

Peanut satay sauce:

I didn’t measure anything or follow any kind of recipe, the boy and I just threw a few things together.

– a few spoons of crunchy peanut butter
– a bit of boiling water
– a big squeeze of lemon juice

put together in a bowl and mix until combined

If I can be bothered, I will sometimes dice and fry up some hot chilli and crushed garlic to add a bit of a kick. Or to make it really rich, try adding a touch of coconut cream or coconut milk.

I have still been overly loving my food processor, and thrashing it at every opportunity.  Monday night was cream of tomato soup with fresh basil and long weekend brunches called for raspberry, blackberry and banana smoothies, Boost style (brain freeze and all!).

Yum, gotta love having frozen berries on hand to whip these up again this weekend!

photos from: my camera


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