pizza dinner party

Yet another food post.

Some of my favourite girls came over for a little dinner party on Saturday night, so I had a great excuse to try something new, and decided to make gourmet veggo pizzas.

Of course I’m not suggesting that pizza is anything new, but I have never attempted to make pizza bases from scratch, and I had the ingredients in my pantry, begging to be used.

I bought bread flour and yeast with the intention on baking bread, but a bit of research suggested that it was best to start with something simple – so pizza dough it is!

As I started to make a ridiculous mess of our kitchen, I realised that I am missing a couple of essentials: a sifter and kitchen scales. My housemate laughed as I guess-timated 800g of flour (i actually ended up googling it and using a cup measure) and started to follow the recipe on the back of the package, ignoring the instruction to sift the flour.

I actually had no idea what I was doing, and was failing miserably at my attempt to knead the dough with my weak little arms, so thankfully my housemate Toby came to the rescue and did some ‘man-kneading’ on it, which seemed to do the trick.

I left the dough to rise and ducked over to the West End farmers markets for some fresh veggies and herbs, hoping that the rain would hold out until I got back to my car.  Of course I got totally drenched, but there is something magical about the markets when it is raining, it gets rid of the crowds and you just end up with a bunch of laid back people wandering through the rain.

Picked up some beautiful ripe tomatoes so also made my own tomato and garlic sauce to top the bases.

I was a bit worried while rolling out the dough with my make-shift rolling pin (aka. balsamic vinegar bottle), but using our pizza stone and pre-cooking the bases made them surpass my expectations.  They were crispy and delicious, perfect for the grilled vegetable and fetta toppings.  Great success, and there was plenty of frozen dough for next time!

Photos from: my camera



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4 responses to “pizza dinner party

  1. chichichic

    wow that looks amazing! food photography is so hard, and you’ve made everything appear totally pretty and delicous! will have to try your recipe!



  2. home made pizzas always taste better, and these looking amazing!


  3. Yeah, that’s exactly how I feel about it. But yesterday was a good initiation! I feel like there are a lot of cool boys in Brissie, but girls are harder to find… :S
    And, Yum! Can you come to Sydney and cook me that please?!

  4. That looks amazingly delicious. I’m officially Jealous. 🙂

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