and it begins…

Today I received an important delivery, and not even the rude attitude of our building reception could dampen my excitement.

Yes, my new bike came!   Now I just need to figure out how to put the thing together (thank god for boys!) and buy a helmet.  Can anyone recommend cute helmets in Australia, or that can be purchased online?

Apologies for the dodgy photography but I was way too excited to be patient.

In the end, we didn’t have the correct tools to get me out and riding, so I gave up and went back to the kitchen to make a veggo lasagne, which is more of my forte.  Unfortunately, I forgot to get frozen spinach at the shops, so decided to make a pumpkin and ricotta version instead, layered with fried portabello mushrooms and mozzarella.

Despite the lack of food styling and presentation, it tasted delicious!  Perfect Monday comfort food.

On that note, why are Mondays so difficult?  I think I got used to the long weekend thing and a serious lack of sleep last night made for a struggle today.  Anyway, I’m so addicted to a show our house-mate gave us, ‘Breaking Bad’ so I am off to watch another episode.

I promise the next post will have some prettier pictures 🙂

photos from: my camera


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  1. who is that handsome man in the top picture building that bike…. LOOK AT HIS MUSSY!

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