Operation Gold Coast

Since I grew up on the Gold Coast, and with 6 months until our move, I have taken it as a personal challenge to make Kris like and appreciate the GC. Although he loves the beach and the people that we know down the coast, he has been focusing on some of the negative aspects.

So on the weekend, when we were going down for a good friend’s birthday, I put a plan into action, Operation: help Kris like the Gold Coast. We started with a tour around, first checking out the medical school (which looks modern and pretty good – from the outside at least), and then driving around various areas and potential new suburbs to call home. We also visited my auntie Tina for a fantastic coffee at Cafe Sorrento (and Kris had a delicious cake after his disappointing brekky we had earlier in Brissy). So far so good!

Despite a few drinks with friends and catch-ups with great people, the scene in Surfers and Broadbeach (and the hangover of the next day) contributed little to the plan. On the plus side we did have a fantastic breakfast at Cafe Republic sans bug (but when will I learn that it is in Mermaid not in Nobbys), got to see my Dad who has been in the US for the last 5 weeks and had some great photo ops!

Loving my new necklace so much that I wore it on Saturday night and on Sunday. I actually bought it while shopping for a friend’s birthday (amazing how that always happens… haha. sorry hayley!).

I actually did make some progress by taking Kris to Govinda’s in Burleigh. Such amazing Hare Krishna food, all veggo, reasonably priced and delicious!

So… for all of you out there who love the GC – help me! What are your favourite places on the coast? We love coffee, breakfasts, good food, markets and live music. Please GC lovers don’t be insulted! The main thing we are looking forward to is seeing so much more of the fantastic friends that we have on the coast.

Special thanks to Sarah and Scott for putting up with us and for all the recommendations so far! We will be hitting you up for pizza nights for sure 😉

Photos taken by: Kris

vintage brogues
thigh highs from eBay
skirt from Dissh
Bonds sloppy joe (I can’t take this thing off)
necklace from Diva



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3 responses to “Operation Gold Coast

  1. Sheila

    I love Elephant Rock cafe in Currumbin and that whole estuary beach where they teach surfing – but be careful – sharks might come in there. Also, nice Indian in Mudgeeraba above the Marie’s pizza.

  2. C

    ahhhh Tian Ran Vegetarian on GC hwy at Mermaid! Oooh and Magic Apple (GC hwy too) for vego breakfast…mhmmm and Madam Tojos in Chirn Park has a byron vibe. good roasted veg breakfast. Try & pick up the “Naked” guide to the coast – such a cute book w gorge pics. It’ll totally help with Operation Help Kris Like the GC 🙂

  3. yeah! Make me like the GC!

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