panic stations

Upon the sudden realisation that applications for med school are actually due THIS FRIDAY, the boy and I have spun into a frenzy of organisation, visiting numerous websites for guidelines, the student centre for academic transcripts and the post office for A4 registered express envelopes, all the while damning ourselves for not having this organised earlier. The man in the post office assured us that we aren’t the only ones, saying ‘doctors sure are smart but they aren’t the most organised people’.

Now that our applications are in the capable hands of Australia Post, we can finally relax until the time comes to stress about interviews.

Check out the little visitor we had yesterday…



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3 responses to “panic stations

  1. Sheila

    you know they’re meat eaters, don’t you? probably shouldn’t feed them anything else unless you google it and find out what’s healthy!
    have fun – beautiful birdies!

  2. hey Sheila, we were struggling to find foods to give him in our household… I was thinking of giving him facon or not-dogs, but he may not be a big fan of them. We just wanted him to stay around for a photo or two.

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