Slow cooked delights

After a couple months of waiting, our ‘free’ slowcooker finally arrived. The initial excitement quickly subsided when I realised that I have no idea what vegetarians would cook in the thing. A quick google told me that some kind of Indian curry could be my best bet.

I am always apprehensive about cooking Indian food as I just can’t seem to come anywhere near the delicious flavours of our local takeaway (and they are so cheap). I am yet to befriend an Indian chef and ask for all their secrets, so went the cheating route and used a store bought simmer sauce. My vegetarian curry was a great success, despite the overcooked pumpkin, so much so that I decided the Indian feast should continue on to last night.

This time I decided to get a bit more adventurous (and make everything from scratch) and did a slow cooker dahl and a chickpea and tomato curry, accompanied by a cucumber raita and garlic and coriander naan bread (ok that bit was store bought).

Apart from the majorly burnt papadams (that the boys still ate) it was a success again, and damn that chick pea curry had a kick to it!

The boy came through with the goods for dessert and bought Weis vanilla bean icecream, which we topped with fresh passionfruit.

So now that I have a new-found love for my latest appliance (though it has nothing on the food processor) can anyone recommend a veggo friendly dish for me to try?

Photos from: my camera


Moong Dahl- The Bengal Lancers Indian cookbook

Tomato and Chickpea curry – The Essential Vegetarian cookbook (highly recommended!)


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One response to “Slow cooked delights

  1. Emm

    I would have no problem being a vegetarian if I lived in your house, yum!!!!!
    Gosh I love your posts that centre around food. Actually I really enjoy all your posts! It’s a great blend of different aspects of life.

    P.s I had a look at your boyfriends blog and it looks amazing! I didn’t know he was such an amazig photographer!
    A couple of bloggers, how sweet 🙂
    will be watching both blogs in the future!


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