A year ago I despised pink clothing… yet suddenly I am drawn to pink and pastel colours, and am on the prowl for the perfect pale pink blazer, and a muted coral blouse.

One of my favourite examples is worn by Bel of LoveMore that has been doing the rounds of the blog-o-sphere (even featured on Jak and Jil).  This girl has impeccable style and the perfect balance of masculine and feminine, especially in this outfit.

I acquired a couple of pink pieces over the weekend that I can’t wait to wear…

Photos from:

The Streethearts

That’s Chic

Vanessa Jackman (featuring LoveMore)




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7 responses to “pink-spriation

  1. Sarah

    Yay for the pink blazers. im very lucky to have found mine. Nice post sweet x

  2. Oh I want a pink blazer, like in the first picture! So gorgeous!

  3. Sheila

    so where are the photos of you in pink? Better get Kris busy! Personally, i can’t wear it but i guess it depends on the shade. by the way, impeccable is spelled with an ‘a’ – love, mum.

  4. i want one like in the second photo. I’m given up though!
    Smiled when i saw the comment from your mum =)


  5. i’ve written about this on my blog too!

    i’m obsessed with pale pink. i have a pastel hued leather jacket that i wear most days. what is happening to us?

    i call it The Miu Miu Effect. xx

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