not just dusty nick-knacks

I can’t believe that I lived in Paddington (Brisbane) for almost 2 years, and yet I had never stepped inside Paddington Antique Centre, despite eating at the cafe next door and admiring the building from afar.  I suppose the word ‘antique’ just makes me think of dusty overpriced nick knacks, so I entered the store with low expectations of what I might find.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover the amazing array of vintage clothing and home furnishings, most of which were reasonably priced.  I definitely had a giggle when I saw the rail of ‘vintage flannos – from the 90s’, and realised I must really be getting old if I can remember people wearing things that can now be classified as vintage.

Despite all the beautiful items, the thing I really fell in love with was this old kettle.

I can picture it in my fantasy kitchen alongside a vintage egg beater, that I could admire while sitting on some roughed up antique stools waiting for bread to bake.



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3 responses to “not just dusty nick-knacks

  1. Sarah

    i love babe. love the kettle. so cute :0

  2. Steve

    You want our old egg beater?

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