op shop crazy

It has been far too long since I have been on an op shopping extravaganza, so on Saturday I dragged the boy up to Lutwyche, on the north side of Brisbane, to see what the op shops had to offer.  The sun was shining and the weather was so perfect that I forgot for a minute that it is actually winter, despite fighting off signs of the flu with lemon and ginger tea and a dose of pseudoephidrine.

*apologies for my unruly hair – I was trying this thing called leaving it natural – but now i can see why i tie it up all the time*

After sorting our way through a couple of mediocre op shops, and coming away with a perfect picnic hat, we stumbled across a little vintage shop called Retro Stop.  We entered through the tiny door and pushed our way through racks of clothes, overflowing with all kinds of vintage delights, and were immediately overwhelmed, with no idea where to look first.  Without any real idea in mind, we browsed the racks, giggling at the fashions of decades gone by and gushing over the immaculate condition of every one of the items.

Both of the ladies were super friendly and helpful, even though we were just browsing, and took the time to tell us where they source all their items and explained that they want to preserve a part of history by selling excellent vintage clothes to people who will really appreciate them.  We were heartbroken to see that some of the most amazing items are only available for hire, but understand the idea that this way the items will not be ruined at fancy dress parties.  We can’t wait to go back and hire or purchase something for our next fancy dress!

Continuing on to a few more op shops that yielded only a couple of items, we headed back home, the whole trip made worthwhile by discovering Retro Stop.  The rest of the day was all about pastries and good food, from our favourite french place in New Farm, Chouquette.

Amazing bread, topped with fried mushrooms, tomato, rocket and parmesan.

The few items that I did find were exactly what I was looking for.  It was as if the things I was imagining suddenly materialised in the op shops as I arrived, just like mum always told me about ‘creating a car park’ – as you are driving along just imagine that there is an empty space, and all of a sudden one will appear (try this next time and see if it works for you).

A basket for picnics.

That can hopefully be affixed to my bike.

A pale pink blouse.

That buttons right up to the collar (ps. how cool is the brand).

A little bottle.

Perfect for a few stems of tulips.

Sorry to thrash the tulips photos but they were just so beautiful!

Photos of me: taken by Kris

Other photos from: my camera


minkpink top (with huge shoulders)

vintage shorts (unpictured)

babushka necklace

vintage hat



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3 responses to “op shop crazy

  1. magic shopping! imagine what you want and it will be there – love you, mum

  2. Oh – I love the Retro Stop!

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