i love a good rummage

We woke up last Sunday with a plan, to ride our bikes around for the day and enjoy the beautiful weather, while getting some shopping done at the same time.  As you can see, I got to wear my pink blouse I found the day before – and posed with the ‘guerilla knitting’ that has popped up all over Brisbane (matching perfectly).

First we rode to West End, to check out a new vintage market, ‘Marky Markets’. Though it was small, there were some great items to search through (including heaps of leather jackets and doc martens).

We then jumped back on our bikes towards the city, locked up and went to get Kris a new camera bag for his birthday. Once we finally decided on a bag colour, we headed to King George Square, where a suitcase rummage was in full swing!

Being a huge fan of op shops, 2nd hand clothes and bargains, I was in my element rummaging through suitcases of people’s unwanted clothes and accessories, and picked myself up a couple of cute items, including some vintage sunnies for $3.

I just loved seeing a whole bunch of cool and creative people come together, which is something that we generally lack a bit in Brisbane, so these suitcase rummages are a great idea and I would highly recommend going to the next one – especially if you have heaps of old clothes to get rid of and want to sell them to me cheap! hehe totally selfish i know!

Worn out from the rummaging and end of financial year sales, we rode back towards home, making a stop for coffee and lunch (well I suppose a cheese board counts as lunch) at French Twist.  After a quick relax we went to the empty lot and carpark across the road from our apartment for a bit of a photoshoot – where I was model/assistant, and even took over the camera for a little bit.

Love these sunnies!  What a bargain!

We had so much fun jumping around in our new purchases.

Though my ankles weren’t liking jumping around in my massive wedges!

Photos: taken by Kris


Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell (the boy got JCs too! we love them!)

Shirt – Op shop

Shorts – Supre/Jeans – Lee

Sunnies – (black) eBay/ (pink) Vintage

Hat – Op shop

Watches – one was a gift from my parents, and one belongs to my great-Nana Rose (but she couldn’t see the numbers anymore) – neither are working, need to buy some batteries =)



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5 responses to “i love a good rummage

  1. you are so cute – love the shoes! both of you!! mum

  2. looks like your having fun xxxxx

  3. sounds like a blast- love the simplistic plans
    and GREAT outfit- adore that hat especially! so tea timeish.. fabulous photoshoot girl!

  4. Babe, loving the photoshoot at the end of this post!! Where do you have access to a studio/lighting? x

  5. You are just too darn cute!! I’m glad I stumbled upon your blog. Adorable outfit and your mister’s stache is fantastic. 🙂

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