take the day off

I am amazed and flattered that my last post was featured on WordPress freshly pressed. Thank you to all of you who posted such lovely comments and made my phone go crazy with emails all day long.

Feeling the pressure that this post should be something extra special, but since it’s Friday, the boy and I got a couple bottles of red and take-away thai for a quiet night in.

So on that note, I will leave you with some happy snaps from the public holiday last Monday.

It is always good to have a day off to do some exploring, so we went to Paddington for brunch and made a few stops along the way at vintage stores and to take pictures at the old burnt down skate rink.

Look at that moustache!

Found a bunch of cool graff too.

Photos from: my camera


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One response to “take the day off

  1. CG

    What fantastic photos! A very interesting (yet beautiful place) to go! Hope you have a great holiday Monday! (I spent mine sleeping and eating!)

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