Power-ful photos

We had a rather uneventful weekend, which was kinda nice for a change.

Coffee in Paddington with Mister Kris.

Trying on my sunnies from the suitcase rummage.

Other than a photoshoot (more on that later), our weekend comprised of op shops, coffee, nights in, bottles of red, falling asleep during movies, pancakes, time on the couch and takeaway.

Kris cooking up a storm.

Sour cream pancakes with fresh fruit and REAL maple syrup (take note cafes – it makes a world of difference!).

On Sunday afternoon, we did manage to get out of the house and head to the World Press Photo exhibition at the Powerhouse.

If you are in Brisbane, I highly recommend heading down to Newfarm for a look. The exhibition is free and is only on until the 27th of June.  The images are fascinating and evoke such emotion, but it is hard to believe that photographers place themselves in such situations, despite the amazing results.

After battling the crowds at the exhibition we took a lovely stroll along the water and enjoyed the afternoon sun, fantasising about owning a riverfront apartment and a cute puppy.

Looking very smart

Afternoon sun

Getting snap happy.

There should be some outfit photos to come…

Photos from: my camera



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4 responses to “Power-ful photos

  1. They are good photos babe… looks like you Satorialist’d me 🙂

  2. Chris looks so dapper!

    is the suitcase rummage as good as they say..?


  3. your guy is so cool…..he seems to be not from this era and has this old world charm. Love your pancakes…they are making me so hungry!! 🙂

  4. Thought you might appreciate this post by Sunshine & Starlight on ‘staches


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