Weeknight dinners: Asparagus and mushroom spaghetti

After a long day at work and an hour at the gym, sometimes the last thing i feel like doing is slaving away in the kitchen. Weeknights are when cooking becomes less fun and more of just a chore, and takeaway sounds ‘oh so’ tempting. I suppose a bit of planning for the week before heading to the grocery store would make life easier, but often I just buy the veggies that catch my eye without a real plan of attack.

This week I came home with asparagus and some amazing portabello mushrooms, and rather than doing anything too extravagant, decided to whip up a quick pasta.

On nights like these, rather than finding the right recipe to fit the ingredients, I tend to go a bit Jamie Oliver style, throwing things in together at random, adding and tasting without following too many rules.

Starting with the portabello mushroom, I sliced and fried it up with some olive oil, red onion and garlic.

Once browned, I added lemon juice, butter and cracked pepper.

The asparagus was cooked in boiling water until tender and then added to the mushrooms.

I also rustled up half a packet of cherry tomatos that were almost forgotten in the pantry to grill and add to the mix.

During this time I cooked the spaghetti, and once drained, put it back into the pot along with the mushroom and asparagus mixture and a big crumbled chunk of feta cheese.

Too easy for a delicious weeknight dinner.

Photos from: my camera (i have been putting a bit more effort into my food photos so expect plenty more of these posts!)



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2 responses to “Weeknight dinners: Asparagus and mushroom spaghetti

  1. oh my YUM!!!! That looks delishush!! Plus I think your pics are really good. Well done! πŸ™‚

  2. That looks like a really lovely healthy meal πŸ™‚

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