A break from baking

While I was busy in the kitchen baking, Kris decided he wanted to play with his new softbox… So, as his go-to ‘model’, of course I obliged.

Although I had been sweating it out in the kitchen after a long day of work, I happily posed for some pictures while my cake was in the oven, my hair still wrapped up in its vintage scarf.

He never fails to make me laugh!

Changing it up with some light in the background.

Apologies if anyone has been getting weird updates from my old blog posts, I have been trying to get organised for a possible theme update (but am not ready to face the daunting task of re-uploading/inserting photos quite yet).

Photos taken by: Kris



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2 responses to “A break from baking

  1. I love your wide spaced eyes! I have always found far apart eyes pretty and makes the face more childlike aka Britney spears and Jackie O 🙂 ….i wish mine were further apart….i try to get the effect with make-up

  2. Pretty as a picture… nice eyes.

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