What a Doll

I have had a serious love for babushka dolls, ever since our visit to Prague reminded me of a set I had as a child.

I have no idea what their significance is to the city of Prague, but there are so many stores that specialise in these carved wooden dolls of all different sizes and styles. My favourite was a huge doll that had at least 20 dolls inside, with the smallest being about the size of a grain of rice!

Knowing of this love, when we spied a babushka necklace while shopping, Kris was kind enough to buy it for me.

These pics had almost been forgotten, they are from a few weekends ago when we went to Newfarm to check out the Press Photography Awards exhibition.

I totally need to get a set of these!  Ohhhh and these!

Photo of Dayna’s babuskas from my camera.

All other photos by: Kris


Jacket – H&M

Top – got it for $5 from the suitcase rummage (sheer, almost cropped top, cute buttons = bargain!)

Pants (not pictured) – Black harems, from the UK

Necklace – babushka doll from Dissh, a present from the boy!

Sunnies – eBay


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  1. hey – thanks for the lovely comment. love your blog too (all the food photos have made me extremely hungry though) – am just adding you to my blogroll now 🙂

    its nice to see another brisbane girl blogging too!

    jess 🙂

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