Girl Crush: round 2

I normally try to avoid re-posting images that have been on a million other blogs, but I just could not resist these… love this girl!

This love-heart jumper is divine, perfect for lazy days in bed or spending time in the kitchen baking cupcakes and cookies.

Oh… to be a cool kid in LA…

Photos from: Ilovewildfox

by: thecobrasnake



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3 responses to “Girl Crush: round 2

  1. Thanks for stopping by 🙂 I tried to confirm your comment but Blogspot had a hissy fit and now it’s disappeared :S
    I must say I haven’t seen these photos on any blogs up until just now on yours, she’s amazing! Your blog is amazing. xx

  2. Oh thank you! Yeah, for some reason your comments just aren’t showing up.. I’m a tad bit sad about that, but oh well at least I get emailed what the comment says. That’s what I love about film, yes, the excitement of finding out what comes out of it. And I agree, I try to steer clear of mainstream photos and whatnot over the web. I hope to see you posting some film photos you took, they’re always great aren’t they 🙂

  3. Gorgeous styling & exposure. Heart button.

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