Another soup: Pumpkin and red lentil

As much as I was looking forward to winter, now that the cooler weather has set in, I’m dreaming of warm weather picnics, swimming in the ocean and days out on the boat.

Winter is particularly overrated when the fire alarm in our apartment building goes off at 4am and we spend 45 mins outside waiting to get back into bed!

It doesn’t help that Kris and I have been struck down with colds, not bad enough to spend days in bed away from work, but just annoying, making our throats feel like razor blades and my nose so red and dry that I look like Rudolf!

To try to help us on our recovery, I decided to cook up a big pot of pumpkin soup from one of my most used cookbooks, Vegie Food

This recipe uses both pumpkin and sweet potato, along with red lentils to add some much needed veggo friendly protein to our diets (and fills you up so much more!).

A red chilli adds a bit of kick to an otherwise smooth pumpkin soup.

Always a good excuse to use the trusty food processor… have I mentioned how much I love this thing (here, here and here).

How cool is this pottery pumpkin that I have inherited during my parent’s renovations.

Perfect prop!

Served with a crusty bread and topped with shaved Parmesan, this soup was exactly what the doctor ordered.



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7 responses to “Another soup: Pumpkin and red lentil

  1. this just made me so hungry… I’m going to have 3 lunches today

  2. Steve

    Uh Oh…now I am going to be in trouble when your mother sees that I gave away something that has never been used and has been sitting at the back on top of the fridge for about 5 years. 🙂

  3. Sheila

    that’s so great, jas. i don’t want the pumpkin back, just some of that pumpkin soup! Enjoy!
    love, mum

  4. Sarah

    Yummo! Thats my fave!! love your cooking posts. although they make me so hungry!

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