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I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not good at taking criticism. In the same way, I would never leave a nasty comment (anonymous or not) on someone’s blog, regardless of whether I agree with their point of view or have a different opinion on a topic.

I am all for freedom of speech, and ‘constructive criticism’, but there is a huge difference between a bit of honesty or debate and blatant rudeness.  If I were to ever leave ‘constructive criticism’, I would say it as if it was the blog of a good friend, keeping in mind that things can easily be mis-interpreted without the use of facial expression or tone of voice.

A number of my favourite bloggers have had to deal with nasty comments and the like, and I have always felt awful for them, but last week someone tweeted about a blog (that I refuse to name or link to for fear of filling your heads with the filth that is on there) that is set up as a malicious personal attack on some of the more popular fashion bloggers.

Going through the posts was like seeing a car crash, so horrible that I wanted to stop reading but yet I couldn’t look away.  And although I am not surprised, I am amazed that someone has actually set up an entire blog to express such negativity. Fair enough if you don’t like a certain blogger or their content, but there is no one forcing you to read it.

I know there are plenty of sites/blogs that make fun of prominent bloggers, but most do so with in a witty way with a little tongue in cheek, making them a bit humorous, yet this one is just downright nasty. My first reaction was to write this person an email or comment explaining my disgust, but rather, I think my time and energy would be better spent sharing with you a couple of my favourite blogs, spreading a bit of blogger love and positivity around.

Wow… I have way too many to choose from (see my links list on the left sidebar), and there is no way I could share all my favourites on one post, so here are just a couple:

Gary Pepper Vintage

If you read any fashion blogs you have most likely heard of Nicole from Gary Pepper, but today she is getting my blogger love because:

  • she has a beautiful style and eye for vintage pieces
  • the photography (and video) on her blog is breathtaking and inspiring
  • she has re-kindled my love of vintage clothes and op shopping

If you like Gary Pepper, then you should also check out Tuula… The above 3 points also easily apply to her tumblr.


Em from Spindizzyfall deserves plenty of blogger love as she is very sweet and her blog is always interesting.  Incorporating her love of vintage and other elements of her life, she brings her readers along on her travels and op shopping adventures, always looking super cute and stylish.

If you like Spindizzyfall you should also check out Buffalo Parade.  They are similar in that they are both more than personal style blogs, they give you an insight into the lives of both of these intriguing ladies.

I want what she’s wearing

Rachel from I want what she’s wearing has recently shifted the focus of her blog to combine her loves of fashion and photography by snapping some Sydney street style.  She has an eye for fascinating people and has recently started contributing to the Peny Lane blog. I am lucky enough to know Rach in ‘real life’ and am so happy to see the evolution and success of her blogging and photography.

Sending lots of love and positive vibes to all the bloggers who are brave enough to put themselves out there, thank you all for the daily inspiration and entertainment.  I think this is just a reminder that there is no reason to act any differently online than we would in real life, bloggers are real people too!

So far, I have been lucky enough to have a small number of wonderful readers that leave me such lovely comments (and yes that does include you mum and dad).  Thank you all so much…



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4 responses to “Blogger love

  1. thanks for the love. I feel exactly the same way. It’s good to send out positive energy. I had a kind of cyber stalker that I had me at my wits end and spoiled my blogging experience, but luckily no really negative comments…yet

    I love reading your blog because it is so full of sweetness and all things pretty 🙂 & yummy!

  2. Sheila

    very nice, dolly. proud of you, as usual. love, mum

  3. i love this post. i can relate. i really cant take criticism and don’t believe how some people use their energy to write negative things online. I have banned myself from forums because it frustrates me so much and I have found myself in one to many arguements trying to understand their logic and defend what ever they are against. I respect that you are able to restrain yourself, that takes a lot, so I just avoid it altogether. I love your blog and am glad that there’s such a thing as bloglovin so I can keep up to date. x.

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