Weeknight dinners: Lentil and roast beetroot salad

I love it when veggies look like real veggies.  I love them when they are still covered in dirt, when they still actually look like a plant, rather than wrapped in plastic, polished and put in a pristine display.  Ideally, I would shop at the farmer’s markets weekly, but sometimes life just gets too hectic so I resort to grabbing the best veg I can find at the supermarket.

The other weekend we were driving around the outer suburbs of Brisbane when I spotted a massive fruit shop that I had never been to.  With the promise of an iced coffee, I convinced Kris to pull over so that we could have a look.

Jackpot!!  The place was huge and full of fresh vegies (with the leaves still attached… YES!) and was super cheap as well, which is always a bonus!  My favourite way to cook is to be inspired by fresh ingredients, buying whatever is in season at the markets or looks fresh and plentiful.  I was immediately drawn to a huge purple cabbage, bunches of beetroot, and huge grapefruits, so of course, dinner had to be something that could incorporate all three.

Of course I had to give the grapefruit a try… sprinkled with a little sugar… YUM!

For a salad I prefer to use French Lentils (the smaller dark ones), and made them along the lines of this recipe.  I didn’t have a piece of cheesecloth though so just threw all the seasoning in the pan (just make sure you get it all out when the lentils are finished cooking).

Black peppercorns blend right in so I recommend counting to make sure you can account for all of them at the end, so no one gets a peppery surprise in a mouthful of lentils.

I peeled the beets and threw them in the oven with some olive oil, cooked up some french lentils and added other vegetables that we had on hand, topping it all off with grapefruit segments and feta cheese.

Even though Kris‘s motto is ‘you don’t make friends with salad’, I think I could make plenty of friends with this one!



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6 responses to “Weeknight dinners: Lentil and roast beetroot salad

  1. Sheila

    you are so cute and i’m so proud of you – have I told you that before? Love, Mum

  2. Sarah

    yummo!! looks amazing xx

  3. Steve

    Yummo – looks good. I think Kris ‘borrowed’ that motto from Homer Simpson 🙂 Have fun at Splendour and stay out of the tunnels 😛

  4. My oh my, this post makes my mouth water profusely! Very very yummy-looking!! xx

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