Post-Splendour Depression

After such a fantastic weekend partying at Splendour, it has been difficult to come back to real life, and blogging has taken a back seat after stocking the fridge, doing multiple loads of laundry and catching up on blog posts on google reader (my oh my… fashion bloggers were busy in the 4 days we were gone).

Apologies for being missing in action, I hope to catch up and do a couple of posts before Tuesday when we are off to Sydney!  Any recommendations for shopping/markets/veggo-friendly restaurants would be fantastic!

Geez life is jam-packed with excitement lately, I can barely keep up.  But our clean clothes are finally put away, the floor has been vacuumed and our bellies are full, so here I am.

Our weekend started off  on Thursday morning in my little brother’s hippy van, meeting up with a bunch of people at BP, and heading towards Woodford in a convoy.  We actually got a head start on the rest since the van is only a 4 speed (and tops out at 80 kph) but with my fantastic navigation skills (I blame google maps – how the hell are we meant to drive over a median strip) we got lost twice but thankfully it was perfect timing to pull in line with the others.

After being directed to a camp site at the end of the world (we were literally as far as you could get from the festival grounds) we got our site set up and headed in to start the party.

Although there weren’t any main acts playing, we danced the night away at ‘Ibeefa’, where the old school tunes pumped from DJs on a boat and bubbles floated down around our heads.

Tired, dirty and sweaty, after a big mug of chai we retired to the campsite, dreaming of the adventures to be had in the days ahead…

to be continued…

all photos from my point and shoot


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  1. Sarah

    wow… Great pics. Im so very jelous! Looks like you guys got off to a good start. Hopefully next year ill be there to share xx

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