Splendour 2010

Words cannot describe how excellent Splendour was… it was literally one of the best festivals I have been to (beaten narrowly by Glastonbury).  The weather was perfect, the days were summer-like, though the night-times were a little chilly, and the timetable was well organised – I was very excited to see the the acts I was looking forward to were well-spaced over the 3 days.

Though our campsite was so far away, the hilarious group of boys we were with made up for the long walks by making us laugh at their car-surfing booze-smuggling antics.

Our friend Andy somehow knows all the great bands and acts to see, so our plan was to follow him around the festival and discover some new favourites… and yes, he did lead us to experience some great performances and great fun dancing around like maniacs!

New favourites include:

  • 2 Door Cinema Club
  • Mike Snow
  • Jinja Safari (even though we walked around all weekend calling them the Ginja Ninjas)
  • Frightened Rabbit
  • The Foals

Thanks Andy!!

Even though it didn’t rain, the gumboots were out in force, and were especially useful while doing the mission to the toilets during the night.

Waiting for the non-existent shuttle bus (yes that is how far away we were) in my DIY hippy flower headband.

Even the prospect of the walk didn’t take the smile off my face all weekend.

I even had a close encounter with one of my favourite bloggers, Nicole of Gary Pepper Vintage.  She was standing right next to us while we were watching the Foals, and though I wanted to say hi, I got all shy and really nervous (which Kris enjoyed teasing me about) so didn’t approach her.

Ahhh I feel so silly even talking about it, but I am determined to have more courage in future, especially when given the opportunity to meet a blogger that I follow or talk to online.

Sunday funday called for a hat to cover my unwashed hair…  Can you believe I got sunburned in the middle of winter?

All in all it was a great success, the Woodford site is fantastic, and as much as I love Byron, I see no reason why Splendour shouldn’t be at Woodford next year as well (actually QLD liquor licensing sucks, mid strength smirnoff = disgusting).

Loved the food, the music and the general atmosphere… put on a great line-up again Splendour and we will be seeing you next year!

All photos from my point and shoot (we left our SLRs at home for the weekend which was a nice change!)


Playsuit: from Bali (a little boutique in Seminyak)

DIY flower headband

Gumboots:  Kmart

Hat: Forever New

Blouse: Op shop

Sunnies: Vintage (from the Suitcase rummage)



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2 responses to “Splendour 2010

  1. You looked so cute!!! Glad you had a good time. 🙂 I get nervous about bloggers as well. I swear I almost passed out when I met Elsie from A Beautiful Mess and James from Bleubird Vintage. Hehe….so silly.

  2. Oh my gosh, I am so jealous you got to go!
    Sounds like you had an amaaaaazing time though.

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