A little corner of calm

In the chaos of our room post splendour, I found a little serenity in burning candles.  I also thought this was a nice way to utilise my vintage bottle when we don’t have fresh flowers.

Bottle from op shop
Flower from lincraft (fabric shop)

Photos from: my camera



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6 responses to “A little corner of calm

  1. Jas!
    Thankyou so much for your amazing comment! Im defs going to check out that book! I love hearing feedback and im so glad you let me know im not alone in this haha

    Thanks again 🙂


  2. These photos are so pretty 🙂 I feel calmer just from looking at them.

  3. this is so lovely! I have been going through candle so much lately but it’s like an addiction! I agree that candle can bring a soothing calm to your space.
    I also love how you’ve used that bottle and am thinking of running off to lincraft to grab myself a flower to put in my own similar bottle =)
    p.s your photos from splendor were awesome!

    spin dizzy fall

    • Aww thanks! yes i agree it is so addictive, i love burning our scented one from Dusk every day when i get home.

      Lincraft has the best flowers… I was planning to use it on a hippy headband but love it too much in that bottle 🙂

  4. thats a super nice fake flower. i thought it was real!

  5. you inspired me…..one flower and 2 candles. very soothing image 🙂

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