Getting into Gardening

I often express how much I love great food and fresh produce, yet other than a few herbs and cherry tomatoes I have never really attempted to grow it myself. A flourishing veggie garden exists in the yard of my ‘fantasy’ home, and I hope that one day I can look outside my kitchen window and be inspired by the harvest about to take place.

Of course, living in a city apartment doesn’t lend itself to gardening, yet I have found a way to get my hands dirty while helping out in the community.

I had noticed the community garden on our frequent visits to the West End green markets, and on Saturday headed in for the first of many mornings of volunteering.

The people who run the garden are extremely busy and committed, yet welcomed me in and got me working immediately on a whole range of jobs, from mulching, fertilizing and spraying organic pest controlling solutions to planting a whole lot of new herbs.

Do you like my new ‘retro’ scale?

After a cup of tea and a chat in the sun, they took me around the garden to collect a whole array of things to take home, and I ended up with some tomatoes and a huge pile of mixed greens, including all types of lettuce, rocket, spinach, kale and things I had never heard of (yet I knew would make for an interesting addition to a salad).

Though the work wasn’t too taxing, I left feeling tired yet satisfied, and am already looking forward to going back!

If you live in the Brisbane area, they are having an open garden on the 20th and 21st of August to raise money for new supplies and to keep the garden going.  There are some fantastic workshops that I wish I could attend… and there is also a polling booth nearby so you can check it out at the same time as going to vote (and they will have cake for sale!).

Stay tuned for a recipe featuring some of these ingredients.

Also, how beautiful are the flowers I got from the markets for my girlfriends who just moved into their new apartment.  They smell amazing as well (although Kris thinks they gave him hayfever haha)

All photos from: my camera

Thanks to Kris for his photography tips and camera help



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4 responses to “Getting into Gardening

  1. Sarah

    beautiful flowers….
    Sounds like the gardening was alot of fun! and at least you got to take some goodies home too!

  2. this post inspired me to get my life into gear, there is so much more to life than partying.. love u so much… u are such a good person jassie x

    • Aww thanks darling you are too sweet! Yeah, there is always time for a bit of partying but there are other things in life too that have started to become more important (and that you can’t do with a hang over). Feel free to come join us for a pleasant weekend in brissy whenever xx

  3. Anna

    They are beautiful flower! Thank you darling 🙂 They made the apartment smell amazing! xoxo

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