Goodbye Sydney

I don’t want to leave our temporary home. A nice man said, ‘you will experience every emotion in a single day wandering Surrey Hills’ and i have to agree.

Today will be sadness leaving but also happiness at the fantastic time we have had, joy, love, and maybe a little fear (depending on how the junkies are feeling this morning). The only thing we won’t feel is hunger, being surrounded by top notch restaurants and cafes.

We have had so much fun playing tourist, shopping, eating delicious food and catching up with old friends.

I love you sydney and will return, both for quick weekend flings and one day for a longer love affair.

So much to blog and so many photos to share.



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6 responses to “Goodbye Sydney

  1. Steve

    “a longer love affair”? Hah…did that…driven out by the traffic.

  2. Lovely bumping into you two lovely folk! Glad you loved it – mine was a flash visit… next time ‘a longer love affair’.

  3. oh look at you two! you are too cute for words. i’m dying to do a sydney trip with Kevin. did you know that Whippsy is heading down for a solo adventure tomorrow?

    it looks as though you had an amazing time. i’m jealous of the macaroons.


  4. macarons! i’m so jealous right now!

  5. Love the vignetting, haha.

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