Stunt pilots

As you may have gathered from the iphone pic and my frenzied tweets, on our first day in Sydney our friend took us flying.

We had planned a scenic flight over the harbour, but with the strong winds and terrible conditions we were unable to use the ‘sight-seeing’ plane, so a quick change of plans had us heading to the aerobatic club.

At the mention of aerobatics I got a little nervous, but was excited at the same time, as I’m sure you can tell by the following picture.

As it was only a 2 seater plane, Kris was up first, and the boys returned beaming with excitement and gushing about how awesome their free-fall spin was.

Thankfully Yatesy decided against trying that one with me in the plane, though we did a few cool tricks that flew items all over the plane and kept us laughing the whole time.

It wasn’t until we had completed a few rolls, maneuvers and double loop the loops and were heading back to the airport that I realised my motion sickness might be a problem.  I literally cannot watch movies like Blair Witch Project or any kind of first person video game (I turned green when we watched Cloverfield, walked out and got our money back).  Thankfully we made it back to ground without me spewing in the plane, though it took me most of the drive back to actually feel normal again.

Unfortunately there is no way to get our video from facebook onto this blog, but trust me when I tell you it made me dizzy just watching it. Great fun though!

Photos of me: taken by Kris

Photos of Kris: from my camera


Jeans,  Lee

Blouse, vintage from the Valley laneway markets

Jacket, H&M



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4 responses to “Stunt pilots

  1. Steve

    Why don’t you put the video on youtube as well then you should be able to add it here.

  2. S

    Oh my god, I would be terrified if I were in a plane doing tricks!!


  3. i got sick watching cloverfield as well. but at home. i left the room. but that sounds like you had great fun!

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