Baking for a cause

Though I couldn’t attend the open garden at West End community garden on election day, I showed my support in providing them with some baked goods to sell and raise some funds.  It was so difficult to decide what to make, but in the end I stuck to some crowd pleasers, banana bread and cupcakes.

With so many recipes for banana bread online, I just couldn’t decide… and then I found one in my food processor cookbook so went with that one.  My cookbook came free with my food processor but I found a similar one on Amazon called The Food Processor Bible. It was more a banana cake but came out delicious all the same.

Very unappetising photo of mushed up over-ripe bananas.  They are so gross but make the best kind of cakes.

Getting there

It was hard to give them away.

But I resisted the urge (and Kris’s pleas) to eat them and made up a box to take to the garden.

I wanted to try something different, so decided on coconut cupcakes with passionfruit buttercream.  I love passionfruit but have been buying so many and don’t want to waste them, so have ended up with a couple containers of passionfruit pulp in my freezer.

Without using a recipe, I defrosted some left over cream cheese frosting and got over-enthusiastic while adding the passionfruit juice, and it basically turned into a runny mess of icing.  I had absolutely no idea what, if anything, could be done to fix it, so I started from scratch with a simple buttercream (butter and icing sugar) and added the passionfruit mix by the spoonful.  By about the 3rd spoon I had the desired flavour while maintaining the ideal consistency.  Problem solved.

Cupcake disaster averted, the coconut cupcakes were good to go and I topped them with the buttercream and dropped them off at the garden.  I hope that they were well received!

After a crazy morning whipping up buttercream, and attending to Kris’s broken down motorbike, we finally headed to the coast to celebrate a first birthday, complete with a jumping castle, petting zoo and pony rides!  Ah, to be a kid again.

And check out this cake made by my incredibly talented friend, Jade.


All photos from my camera



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2 responses to “Baking for a cause

  1. TOO DELICIOUS. Oh, I wish I’d stop looking at cookery blogs and seeing brilliant cakes. I need to know how to make cupcakes, but luckily banana bread isn’t outside my capability!

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