It’s finally Spring

How better to celebrate the first day of spring than by sharing some photos of a beautiful tree.  The pink flowers that covered the surrounding grass drew me in, as it looked like the perfect place to sit and pass some time, daydreaming or reading a book.

Loving my Black Milk body suit.  I have lurked the website for ages but after seeing the pieces in person I took the plunge and bought myself a ribcage.  So looking forward to checking out the new collection on Sunday.

I could have stayed here all day if it wasn’t for the ants…

Photos taken by: Kris



Filed under fashion, life

5 responses to “It’s finally Spring

  1. That pink tree is incredible! God, the colors in this town are just amazing. Great photos!

  2. Sarah

    Love this pic!! That tree is amazing. They are really dreamy photos!


  3. hooray for spring. so glad the sunshine is back!

    gorgeous photos 🙂

  4. love your new layout cos I chose it too 🙂 Instantly fell in love with the minimalist look when I first saw it. But I might change again if they come up with an even sweeter one. I am so fickle.

    Love the scenary where you are…so pretty!! Looks like Japan with the cherry blossom like flowers? are those cherry blossoms?

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