sprout salad

In an attempt at healthy eating and to help with my problem skin, I am trying to focus on eating fresh, healthy, unprocessed foods, going to the gym and drinking plenty of water.  I am also trying to avoid milk (which is so hard as a cappuccino drinker) and have been making my own ‘almond milk’, which of course is nothing like the real stuff but tastes much nicer than soy.

Of course, I have fallen from the bandwagon a number of times, but it has been 3 weeks now that I have been sticking to it (on weekdays at least) and I am feeling better so far.  My weekend treat of a proper cappuccino really did hit the spot though, i just can’t get used to drinking coffee with soy, so weekday espressos it is from now on.

One of the super healthy things that I love to eat is fresh sprouts.  I have been growing lentil and mustard sprouts to add to salads and wraps.

Apparently sprouts are incredibly healthy and full of nutrients, but I like that they are add some crunch and taste to any salad (the mustard ones are almost spicy). They also satisfy a little of that urge to grow a garden as they are easy to sprout in the kitchen.

Do you have any healthy eating tips or ways to stay motivated to stick to a health kick? Please share to help me out!

To see what goes into my Spout Salad, click through the link

For my sprout salad, I combined:

Grilled eggplant and mushrooms sautéed with herbs and olive oil

A really good feta cheese and home-made lentil sprouts

With lettuce and other salad like ingredients

Topped with a poached egg and cracked pepper.

All photos from: my camera



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7 responses to “sprout salad

  1. Sarah

    Yum!! That looks so tasty. Ill def try that one xx

  2. Your salad looks delicious. Have you found that your efforts towards dietary change are noticeable in terms of your skin?

  3. My goodness! That salad looks DELISH!

    How long does Almond Milk take to make? I’m not the most experienced cook so things like Almond Milk scare me a little so I prefer to go without milk at all. Since I started working full time I was a regular Soy Latte drinker but this year I’ve switched to Long Black’s and haven’t looked back 🙂

  4. Yum, I love egg in salad! And I think WANTING to eat healthy is half of the battle. If a part of you isn’t really committed, then it’s not going to work. You also cannot deprive yourself. If you’re eating healthy for the most part, it’s fine to have a bite of something decadent. I’m still striving to find the perfect balance…

  5. Ahhhhh looking delish! 🙂 I want so bad to have my own veggie patch of some sort. xx

  6. I too struggle with healthy eating. My two pieces of advice are 1) for the long haul you should be motivated by positive not negative. In other words, I am eating healthy for my good full rich life. Not, I bet not eat junk cuz I’ll get fat! and 2) if you can add a spiritual component it helps for me. I am a Christian so prayer works for me and remembering that my body is God’s temple. I think regardless of what religion you follow or don’t follow, that bringing health and eating beyond yourself to a higher power helps. Good luck!

  7. Wow your salad looks yummy. I would have a tough time cutting out milk too. I’ve heard about almond milk but never tried it. I think I should 🙂

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