Fun with leftovers: Massaman Curry Pie

There is something just so good about coming home and knowing that dinner is taken care of.  As much as I love cooking, sometimes it is so nice to have the night off or have dinner ready with minimal effort.  Plus, some things just taste better as left overs.

These pictures have been sitting for a while waiting for a post, so even though I have just shared a recipe, I thought that another one wouldn’t hurt.

I mentioned back in a Sydney post that the pie at Yulli’s was so good that I was going to attempt my own version, and to be honest, I really only made the curry so that it could be used the following night for left overs.  Don’t get me wrong though, it was delicious with rice and a banana, cucumber and yoghurt raita-type thing, but of course it would be better made from scratch instead of from a jar.

I won’t show pictures of the curry (as it tasted much better than it photographs), but I just fried up some chilli, garlic, onions and ginger along with a variety of the vegetables that we had on hand, added the jar of sauce and some coconut milk and simmered it for a while until it was good to go.  With the left overs, I managed to turn a pretty healthy meal into a very unhealthy one, by encasing the curry in puff pastry.  Oh well, the boy was very happy and I managed to squeeze a green salad on the plate which made me feel better about the whole thing.

Preparing for the mini pies in a muffin tin.  Mini pies = better pastry to filling ratio

If you ever do this, make sure you grease the tin really well so that you can get the pies out at the end.

I ‘blind baked’ the bottom of the pies, which I wouldn’t do if I made these again as the lids just didn’t stick on.  But those are the joys of cooking without a recipe, trial and error.

In the end they turned out fantastic, and Kris even commented that the curry was better as a pie, but doesn’t everything taste better encased in puff pastry?

All photos from: my camera



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6 responses to “Fun with leftovers: Massaman Curry Pie

  1. this looks delicious. you make me wish I could cook….

  2. you’re a cooking genious…that looks so amazing I can’t even begin to tell you 🙂

  3. LOVE puff pastry and there are so many possibilities for those little pies!

  4. Sarah

    yummo. Im starving. they look amazing! xx

  5. Elle

    Loving your blog Jas!

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