Wheeling in west end

While lunching in the always eccentric West End on Sunday, the girls and I noticed that things seemed to be a little more strange than usual.  The first sign that something was awry was the presence of orange ‘witches hats’ blocking all of the convenient parking on Boundary Road.  At second glance, there seemed to be some unusual characters hanging around (not that that is unheard of in West End), but one guy in particular had pink hair and pixie ears, which we thought was rather bizarre, so we loitered around to figure out exactly what was going on.

After about 10 minutes and mutters of some kind of ‘roller derby’, we glanced up the hill to see a crowd approaching, and at the turn of the lights the road was inundated with all kinds of ‘wheeled’ contraptions.

Bikes, scooters, rollerskates, rollerblades, prams, wheelchairs, go carts, office chairs, inappropriate high heels (don’t ask) and even a bathtub came rolling down the street.

There were superheroes…

Roller skates…

Go karts…

And plenty of kids running amok…

But my favourite part was seeing the adults that were letting loose and having a ball…

He must have known that I love a good curly moustache… haha

I told you not to ask….

Looks like they had too much fun!  Totally need to get involved in the next one.

All photos from: my camera



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6 responses to “Wheeling in west end

  1. Chris Sorlie

    Super photo’s. Looks like fun. Lot’s of life!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing all your suggestions – I’ll definitely take a wander by West End x

  3. I live in West End and had no idea this was happening when the Mister and I moseyed over to Boundary to have an afternoon coffee at Ugee’s. Imagine our surprise when we witnessed this spectacle as well. So amazing! Glad you caught photos of it. I was kicking myself that for ONCE I left mine at home.

  4. How amazing is this?! If I’d have personally witnessed this I think it would have made my entire week!! xo

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