All Day Brunch

Things will be a little quiet on the blog front this week, as we are building up to the big interview next Monday and there sometimes just aren’t enough hours in a day.

On the weekend we thought it would be relaxing and beneficial to have an extended brunch while practising interview questions and quizzing each other, and ended up staying at the cafe for a good 4 hours (don’t worry we bought a number of coffees and told them they could kick us out at any stage!).

As it was a lazy Sunday, I threw on a cotton dress and added a vintage scarf, braided my hair and was good to go.  As a final goodbye to winter I used the cool day as one of the last outings for my socks and brogues.

Of course I threw on my ‘go-to’ jacket at the last minute, I have worn this thing to death but I still love it!  Wow, I just realised I look a little school-girl-ish posing in the church archway.  I promise it wasn’t intentional!

Will be back to blogging next week 🙂

Photos taken by: Kris


Dress: unknown

Jacket: H&M

Socks: Ebay

Shoes: Vintage

Scarf: Vintage

Bag: Sportsgirl



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6 responses to “All Day Brunch

  1. That’s such a cute outfit! I love your choice of accessories 🙂

  2. Janet Alessandra

    you are tooooo cute jazziefizzle

  3. Sheila

    Hey Babe, don’t worry about posing in the church doorway – they weren’t interested in girls anyway. Ha! Ha! And you are such a cute girl baby – studying for medical school in a cafe – how sweet! Love you loads, mum

  4. i love the socks and brogues, so cute and hip. only need to find a pair of brogues now to pull it off!


    • Thanks Hannah! I know it has been all over blogs everywhere but I just love the look of socks with heels and brogues! I found mine in a little op shop in Melbourne, in the men’s shoe section actually and originally picked them up with my boyfriend in mind. I’m all for brogues that look like they have been worn by an old man for special occasions… hehe.

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