A trip back to 1925

On the weekend we were treated to a fabulous party to celebrate the 25th birthday of a good friend. We walked through the smoke filled garden in 2010 and stepped onto the deck, straight into The Cotton Club, 1925.

The decor was black velvet and feathers, punctuated with splashes of red, and the club was filled with flappers and moles, gangsters and dames.

The cocktail bar was of dubious authenticity, yet the bartender was quick to ensure that we were well on our way to intoxication after the first drink (Thanks for that Teddy haha).

Again, I’m quite sure that the DJ was not supplied with 1920s music, but we quickly forgot about what year it was supposed to be, let our hair down and turned the entire party into one big dance floor.

A fabulous night was had by all, especially those of us who remember it.

Thanks again to the host and hostess, and a very happy birthday!!

You guys are fantastic and always throw the best parties!



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2 responses to “A trip back to 1925

  1. What an awesome looking party! I love the clothing from that era…have you seen “Boardwalk Empire?” The costumes in that show are to die for!

  2. dude!
    these look amazing!
    what an awesome night out!
    haha, totally have a theme for my 24th birthday party now thanks to yours truly!

    p.s you look stunning! x

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