Weeknight dinners: Zucchini and Asparagus Thai Green Curry

Over the weekend I was craving Thai take-away, but somehow (cough…Kris…cough) was convinced to eat pizza instead. Needless to say, it didn’t satisfy my craving, so upon our return home from a long weekend on the Gold Coast I thought it would be a good time to try the green curry recipe from the latest issue of Delicious magazine.

In a couple of weeks we are planning to do a Thai vegetarian cooking class at a local yoga center, and I am so excited to hopefully learn how to make my own curry paste (especially if I can source some of the ingredients from the garden).  For now though, I have used a green curry paste purchased from the supermarket.  A word of warning for vegetarians: Make sure you check the ingredients list carefully to ensure that the curry paste doesn’t contain any shrimp or fish, it really varies from brand to brand.

Kaffir lime leaves are essential to a Thai curry.  I will definitely be planting one of these trees when I finally have a garden, but for now will either settle for the lacklustre ones available in the supermarket or ‘borrow’ a few leaves every time we go to Kris’s mum’s place.  The leaves are beautiful and interesting and the scent is so exotic.  They should be chopped quite finely, as Kris complains that they stick in his throat if they are too big.

Of course a Thai curry is not complete without a tin of coconut milk, added to the wok after heating the curry paste and kaffir lime leaves for a few minutes until fragrant.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find broad beans as called for by the recipe, either at the supermarket or the fruit shop, so decided to forgo them and add carrot instead.  Though it wasn’t really an ideal substitute, and messed up the ‘all green’ aesthetic of the pictures in the magazine, I thought it was a valid addition and wanted to add something extra to the zucchini and asparagus that dominate the dish.

In the end it was a great success, as for all the recipes I have tried from Delicious (wow it actually sounds like I am being paid to promote this mag… I promise I am not… but would not be against it… if you are reading this marketing team. hehe), and it really hit the spot to satisfy my craving for Thai.

Now to tackle this curry paste…

All photos from: my camera

Recipe from Delicious magazine, October 2010




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2 responses to “Weeknight dinners: Zucchini and Asparagus Thai Green Curry

  1. minxinblack

    I made my own thai green curry paste once (non vege recipe found on the internet somewhere). i choose to do it the hard way (ie. in a mortar and pestle) because my friend and i were wanting to be super authentic. if you value the use of your hands for the evening i would highly recomend a food processor. it was really amazing though. we made a bunch and froze it to use when we wanted. yum!

    • haha thanks for the tip! I would be leaning towards using the food processor anyway as my mortar and pestle recently broke, but it is nice to know that it will be worth the effort when I get to do it!

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