High in the Sky

Despite the cold and gloomy weather putting a dampener on our weekend, I have been flying high for the past few days on the news that Kris and I have both been accepted into Medical School, starting in 2011.  Of course facebook friends and twitter followers would know this already, but life has just been so hectic that blogging was the last thing on my mind.

Don’t worry though I have a couple of recipe posts coming up and I plan to continue blogging about all the good times and challenges throughout med school!

Also… you can now ‘like’ Fizzle Out on facebook so that you can stay up to date with new posts and share recipes with friends or get involved in discussions.  I am looking forward to having extra interactions with my wonderful readers and of course my very supportive friends and family (love you guys!).

Photo from: my camera



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3 responses to “High in the Sky

  1. Laurie

    Wow! That is so awesome for you both. Congratulations!

  2. Wow! Congratulations to both of you! I’m currently a graduating BS Biology major, and in the next 24 hours I’m about to take the last of 2 exams for this first semester. I’m actually going crazy already. So what’s your Pre-Med course?

    • Thanks so much. Hope your exams went well. Our undergraduate degrees were in science, I majored in pharmacology an drug design and did a year of honours in biochemistry. Ah enjoy your holidays after exams and you will be ready to go back next semester!

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