Homemade Potato Chips

Inspired by the huge bushes of rosemary that are flourishing in the West End garden and the recent information I found out about the chips at a popular burger place, I bought some little potatoes to make a batch of semi-healthy homemade chips.  Even though there is an extra step involved scrubbing the potatoes, I find that I am always drawn to those that look like they have just been pulled from the ground, still caked with dirt.  Again, I think it is that desire to know where my food comes from and to have vegetables that actually look like they do when pulled from the ground.

Here comes my favourite prop again, the beautiful wooden chopping board.  And yes, I have finally been able to bring myself to use a knife on the thing!

Of course chips need salt, so if you have rock salt or fancy salt flakes, now is the time to use them.

Feel free to add pepper and any other spices you desire.  Cayenne pepper can be good for a spicy ‘kick’.

I have no idea if the potatoes I used were a good type for making chips, but after scrubbing, cutting them into strips and seasoning,  I added a big glug of olive oil, the sprigs of rosemary and a couple cloves of garlic. *EDIT*  I totally forgot that I also added sweet potato, which was totally delicious in chip form.

Into the oven they went at around 180 degrees celcius, for a good half hour to 45 mins. Every 15 – 20 minutes or so I would take them out and give them a good shake around so that they cooked evenly and the edges got crisp without burning.

The rosemary and garlic aroma that filled our apartment was fabulous, and really helped to whet our appetite and make me wish I had double the amount of potatoes.

Serve with a side of ketchup or aioli and get in quick as they will be gone before you know it!

Photos from: my camera



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7 responses to “Homemade Potato Chips

  1. Sheila

    looks like you also put in sweet potato – yum, yum! love, mum

  2. Sarah

    yummmmmmmmmm. They look amazing. So tasty! I bet they didnt last long at all. xx

  3. Those look absolutely fabulous. I am suddenly compelled to run to my kitchen and eat something delish…I have to go now.

  4. Yummy Jas and the potatoes you used were called kipfler and they are german potatoes they look like they turned out yummy and i will definitely try this recipe with sweet potato and maybe even pumpkin (why not).
    I love your fizzle site and think you are very inspirational with what you put on it, thanks. love and kisses and see you soon on the gold coast yippee. tina

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