Lighthouse Love

Anyone who has heard of Byron will be aware of the iconic lighthouse, situated on the most easterly point of Australia.  Of course, a visit to Byron is not complete without at least one visit to the lighthouse, and you all know that Kris and I are keen for any photo opportunity.  Consider yourself pre-warned that this is a very image heavy, touristy post.

Waking up to a beautiful and sunny (yet windy) day, we decided it would be perfect for a hike to the lighthouse, and set off in our inappropriate footwear on a 3 hour journey.

It was a beautiful stroll along the ocean front, and we contemplated life, enjoyed the sunshine and laughed and joked, until we reached the more strenuous parts of the walk.

I picked up this dress and scarf at a little op shop in West End, and thought they were the perfect cover up for my new Minkpink swimmers.

Though, again, I’m not sure that this outfit was entirely appropriate for the massive hike.  After about 1000 stairs, we finally reached the lighthouse and stopped for a breather and to rest our weary feet, and of course to take some photos, and looked out at the ocean trying to spot whales.  Despite the hoards of tourists it really is such a peaceful and romantic spot!

As it was the middle of the day, the light wasn’t ideal for photos so we planned to come back for a romantic picnic at sunset, equipped with nice cheeses, salads and a bottle of Chandon (as we visited the winery on our first Valentine’s day together).  It was a perfect afternoon spent basking in the sun, chasing turkeys away from our picnic and taking photos.

As the sun set and the winds picked up it was freezing, yet we still thought it would be a great idea to come back at sunrise and make the most of the morning light.

It was SO difficult to wake up, but when we finally dragged ourselves from bed and snapped some stunning photos, despite feeling like an ice cube due to the Antarctic winds that cut right through our clothes.

After waiting what felt like hours, we were finally greeted by the morning sun.  It really was spectacular, it has been so long since I have watched the sun rise.

Thankfully we had a warm bed to return to before we actually got up to start a day spent eating good food, wandering around the markets, having a romantic dinner and partying with the backpackers.

When Monday came I really wasn’t ready to leave Byron, but placated myself with some op shopping.  Can’t wait to share my finds with you all.  Ok… you will be pleased to know that’s the end of our Byron photos!

Photos of me taken by: Kris

Photos from: my camera


Swimmers – Minkpink

Dress – Op shop

Scarf – Op shop

Sunnies – Suitcase rummage

Shoes – from Bali

Bag – ebay



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2 responses to “Lighthouse Love

  1. I love touristy photos, these were really nice. And I love the outfit, it made a nice contrast with the beachiness and lighthouse…despite not being ideal hiking clothes 🙂

  2. Sheila

    didn’t get to see the swimmers!! Glad you had such a lovely time at the lighthouse. Love you, Mum

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